Enable JavaScript in Safari on an iPhone

Safari is the default web browser on all Apple devices. It is the most popular browser on tablets and 2nd most popular browser on mobile devices.

Follow this guide to enable JavaScript in your browser. Some icons and options may look different if you have an older version of iOS.

1. Tap on ‘Setting’ icon on home

On the home screen of your phone, find the Setting icon and tap on it.

2. Find the ‘Safari’ option

Scroll down and find the Safari option. You can also use the search box on top if you can’t find by scrolling. Type Safari in the search box and open Safari Setting.

3. Tap on ‘Advanced’ option at bottom

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Advanced option. Tap on it.

4. Enable JavaScript in iPhone

Tap on the slider to enable JavaScript in your Apple Safari browser. If it’s on the right side and colorful, JavaScript is enabled in your browser.