Enable JavaScript in Chrome on Mobile

Google Chrome for mobile is the most popular mobile web browser with more than 60% market share.

Apple iPhone, iPad, and other iOS users: Google Chrome for iOS uses Apple’s rendering engine and components which are developed for Safari Browser by Apple. Google is restricted from using their V8 JavaScript engine in accordance with Apple App Store policies.

JavaScript can not be disabled in Chrome on iOS devices. If you see a JavaScript disabled error on your Apple device, it may be due to some other problem.

Android users follow this tutorial to enable JavaScript in their browser:

1. Tap on Menu Icon ⋮

Open Chrome browser and open the menu on the top right by clicking on ⋮ ( three dots).

2. Tap on ‘Settings’

In the menu, find the Settings and tap on it. You will see extra menu items if you have any tab open. Find the Settings option there.

3. Open ‘Site Settings’

Scroll down to the Advanced section and tap on Site Settings there. You can scroll down to the bottom to find it easily.

4. Tap on ‘JavaScript’

In Site Settings, find the JavaScript option and tap on it.

5. Enable JavaScript

If it says ‘Disabled’ and the toggle button with gray background appears. Click on the button to enable. It will turn blue.

6. Close Settings and Browse

If you see a button with a blue background like the picture below. JavaScript is enabled in your browser. You can open websites with JavaScript functionality.