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Surf the Web Under the Radar

When it comes to online privacy, few names are as well-known as the Tor Project. With their Tor Browser for Android, the team has brought the same level of security and anonymity that users have come to expect from their desktop counterparts to the mobile world. In this review, we will examine the Tor Browser for Android, examining its standout features, advantages, and drawbacks.

Anonymity Supreme

Tor Browser for Android provides users unparalleled privacy by routing their internet traffic through the Tor network, a global system of volunteer-operated servers. This process makes it extremely difficult for anyone to track your browsing activities or location.

Dive into the Deep Web

With Tor Browser for Android, the hidden layers of the internet are at your fingertips, including the notorious dark web. The browser allows access to .onion domains, which remain unreachable by standard web browsers./

Sidestep Censorship

Tor Browser is designed to help users bypass censorship restrictions by governments or organizations, enabling access to blocked content from any location.

A Pleasing Interface

The browser’s clean and user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate, whether you’re a Tor veteran or a first-time user.


  1. Privacy and Security: Tor Browser for Android offers top-notch security and privacy, giving users peace of mind knowing their browsing activities remain anonymous and protected.
  2. Free and Open: As a non-profit organization, the Tor Project offers the browser free of charge and maintains an open-source approach, encouraging community contributions and ongoing improvements.
  3. Staying Current: The developers behind the Tor Browser for Android continuously work to enhance the browser’s performance and security, ensuring users have access to the latest features.
  4. Data Privacy: Unlike some competitors, Tor Browser doesn’t log or track your browsing activities, ensuring complete privacy.


  1. Patience Required: Due to the multi-layered encryption and the routing process through the Tor network, browsing speeds can be slower compared to other popular web browsers.
  2. Compatibility Woes: Some websites or services may not function properly or may block access from Tor Browser due to its emphasis on anonymity.
  3. Battery Drainer: Running the Tor Browser on your Android device may consume significant battery life and system resources.

Final Verdict

The Tor Browser for Android is the ideal choice for mobile web browsing for users who prioritize privacy and security. While it has some drawbacks, such as slower browsing speeds and compatibility issues, the impressive security and privacy features make it a top contender for those looking to keep their online activities under wraps. With its user-friendly interface and dedication to ongoing improvements, the Tor Browser for Android is undoubtedly worth a test drive.

App specs

Software NameTor Browser for Android
DeveloperThe Tor Project
Operating SystemAndroid
Last UpdateAugust 2, 2023
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