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Your Privacy-First Browsing Experience

Tor Browser is a powerful, open-source web browser that prioritizes privacy and anonymity. Built on the foundation of Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser ensures that your online activities remain hidden from prying eyes. Tor Browser is a solid choice whether you want to access blocked content or maintain your digital privacy.

Secure and anonymous browsing

Tor Browser leverages the Tor network to route your connection through multiple encrypted servers. This process effectively masks your IP address and online activity, making it difficult for third parties to track or monitor you. With Tor Browser, you can surf the web without leaving traces or compromising your personal information.

Dark web access

Using Tor Browser, you gain access to the dark web, a part of the internet that remains hidden from traditional search engines. This opens up the possibility of accessing typically unavailable, censored, or restricted content.

Customizable security settings

Tailor your browsing experience to your needs with Tor Browser’s adjustable security settings. Choose from three different security levels, from standard to safest, to balance your browsing experience with the desired level of protection.

Cross-platform availability

Tor Browser is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, making it accessible to many users. Tor Browser provides a consistent, privacy-focused browsing experience regardless of your preferred operating system.

Slower browsing speeds

One of the trade-offs of using the Tor Browser is that your browsing speed may be slower due to the additional layers of encryption and routing. A traditional browser might be a better fit if you prioritize speed over privacy.

Limited compatibility with some websites

While Tor Browser allows you to access most websites, some may block or limit access to users connecting through the Tor network. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to access specific content or services.

Not ideal for streaming or large downloads

Due to its slower browsing speeds, Tor Browser isn’t well-suited for streaming videos or downloading large files. If you require a faster connection for these activities, consider using a VPN service instead.


Tor Browser is a dependable option for users who value online privacy and anonymity. Despite its slower browsing speeds and occasional compatibility issues, it remains a top choice for accessing blocked content and maintaining digital privacy. Tor Browser is worth considering if your primary concern is protecting your online identity.

App specs

Software NameTor Browser for Windows
DeveloperThe Tor Project
Operating SystemWindows
Last UpdateAugust 2, 2023
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