Safari Browser for Android

Setting the Record Straight

The Safari Web Browser is considered one of the best browsers available on Apple devices. However, there have been numerous attempts to recreate or imitate Safari for the Android platform. In this review, we will clarify the situation surrounding the alleged Safari Web Browser for Android and recommend alternative browsers for Android users.

Safari for Android: Truth or Myth?

There is no official Safari for Android app developed by Apple. Instead, the market is filled with knockoffs, many of which are scamware. We strongly advise against downloading any app claiming to be Safari for Android, as plenty of other reputable mobile browsers are available.

Risks of Downloading Unofficial Safari Apps:

  1. Scamware: Many unofficial “Safari for Android” apps are designed to deliver viruses and malware to unsuspecting users.
  2. Inconsistency: Even if some of these apps are considered safe, they are not developed by Apple, resulting in different features and capabilities compared to the Safari browser on Apple devices.

Recommendation: Do not download Safari for Android apps. At best, you’ll be disappointed with the browser’s performance; at worst, your device may be infected with malware, causing significant damage.

Alternative Browsers for Android:

Since there is no official Safari browser for Android, we suggest exploring the following alternatives:

  1. Opera Browser: Opera is a fast, robust browser with a free VPN to help bypass geofenced content. It also includes a pop-up blocker, providing a seamless browsing experience. However, it may lack certain importing and searching capabilities in other browsers.
  2. Opera GX for Android: This is a specialized version of the Opera Browser explicitly designed for gaming. Opera GX provides superior speed and performance, various features tailored for gamers, including GX Control to manage your device’s resource usage, and a customizable GX Corner for the latest gaming news.
  3. Vivaldi for Android: Vivaldi is known for its customization and control features, offering a unique browsing experience. Vivaldi provides a secure, personal, and fast browsing experience with its built-in ad and tracker blocker.
  4. Microsoft Edge for Android: Microsoft’s browser offers seamless integration with the Windows ecosystem, making it an attractive choice for those heavily invested in Microsoft’s suite of services. It provides a secure and fast browsing experience, with features like reading mode and voice search.
  5. Firefox Browser for Android: Firefox stands out with its strong emphasis on privacy and security. It’s enhanced tracking protection and private browsing mode are commendable. The browser also supports add-ons, providing customization and functionality that many users appreciate.
  6. Brave Browser for Android: Brave is another privacy-focused browser that blocks third-party ads and trackers by default. Its built-in ad blocker improves loading speed and saves data. Brave also offers a reward system for viewing privacy-respecting ads.

Please note that there is no official Safari browser available for Android devices. While browsers in the Play Store may use the Safari name, they are not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple and may not offer the same features or security standards. Always download apps from trusted sources and consider your needs and the potential security implications when choosing a web browser.


In conclusion, there is no official Safari Web Browser for Android. We strongly discourage downloading any app claiming to be Safari for Android, as these unofficial apps pose significant risks. Instead, consider alternative browsers like Opera or DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, which offer reliable and secure browsing experiences on Android devices.

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