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The Sleek and Smart Mobile Browser with a Twist

Opera for iPhone is an innovative web browser that elevates your mobile browsing experience. Developed by Opera Software, it aims to deliver speed, security, and versatility with a touch of flair. 

Featuring an integrated VPN, ad-blocking capabilities, and a striking Speed Dial, Opera for iPhone puts up an intense fight against its rivals.

Interface That’s Stylish and Uncomplicated

Opera Browser for iPhone Boasts a sleek, uncluttered interface to ensure smooth navigation. The home screen features a customizable Speed Dial with your favorite websites and frequently visited pages. This clean design makes browsing a breeze, as everything is just a tap away.

Security with Confidentiality Guaranteed

Opera for iPhone takes security seriously, offering a free, unlimited VPN to keep your browsing activity private. It ensures you can bypass geo-restrictions and protect your data from prying eyes. Coupled with its ad-blocking functionality, Opera guarantees a secure browsing experience.

Speed for Lightning-Fast Browsing

Independent tests have shown that Opera for iPhone consistently outruns its competitors regarding speed and responsiveness. The integrated ad-blocker and data-saving mode work hand in hand to deliver a fast and efficient browsing experience that you’ll love.

Customization Adding a Personal Touch

Though Opera for iPhone doesn’t offer as many customization options as other browsers, it provides a Night mode, which adjusts the brightness and color temperature for comfortable late-night browsing. The data-saving mode also allows you to manage your data usage according to your needs.

Final Verdict

Opera for iPhone is a fantastic mobile browser that delivers a swift, secure, and user-friendly browsing experience with a dash of panache. Its robust features, including the built-in VPN, ad-blocking capabilities, and data-saving mode, make it an ideal choice for users seeking privacy and efficiency. While it may lack extensive customization options, it’s stylish interface and intuitive design more than compensate for it. Give Opera for iPhone a spin, and you might find your new favorite browser.


  • Slick and simple interface
  • Integrated VPN for enhanced security
  • Ad-blocker for clutter-free browsing
  • Speed Dial for quick access to favorite websites
  • Data-saving mode to conserve data


  • Limited customization options
  • VPN functionality might not work in areas with strict internet regulations

App specs

Software NameOpera Browser for iPhone
Operating SystemiOS
Last UpdateAugust 13, 2023
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