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Mobile Browsing Re-imagined for Gamers 

When it comes to mobile browsing, the gaming community often seeks a tailored experience that caters to their unique interests. Opera GX Browser on iPhone does exactly that, offering a powerful combination of gaming-focused features and a seamless browsing experience.

Sleek Design and Interface

Opera GX Browser for iPhone sports a visually stunning dark theme enriched by customizable RGB accents, reflecting its gaming-centric design philosophy

The user interface is clean, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience on your iPhone.

Lightning-Fast Performance

Opera GX Browser is designed to provide a fast, lightweight browsing experience that doesn’t compromise your device’s resources. With optimized performance, your gaming sessions remain unaffected by browser-related slowdowns or lag.

Exclusive iPhone Features:

  1. GX Corner: Stay updated with the latest gaming news, releases, and deals on your iPhone. GX Corner gathers gaming content into a single, accessible space, ensuring you never miss out on any critical updates.
  2. Twitch Integration: The built-in Twitch sidebar keeps you connected to your favorite streamers. Receive live notifications and watch streams on the go without ever leaving the browser.
  3. Flow Feature: Opera GX for iPhone incorporates the Flow feature, allowing you to seamlessly share links, images, and notes between your iPhone and other Opera GX-enabled devices, making your browsing experience more convenient and synchronized.
  4. Built-in VPN and Ad-blocker: Enjoy a secure and ad-free browsing experience on your iPhone with Opera GX’s built-in ad-blocker and free, unlimited VPN.


  • Tailored for gamers with a sleek, gaming-inspired design
  • Optimized performance for a smooth browsing experience
  • Unique gaming features, including GX Corner and Twitch integration
  • Flow feature for seamless device synchronization
  • Built-in free VPN and ad-blocker


  • Not as feature-rich as the desktop version
  • Some features may be unnecessary for non-gaming users


Opera GX Browser for iPhone offers a fresh perspective on mobile browsing, catering specifically to the gaming community’s needs. Its visually appealing design, optimized performance, and gaming-focused features make it a must-try for gamers seeking a browser that understands and complements their interests.

Although it may not offer all the features of its desktop counterpart, Opera GX for iPhone is a powerful player in the mobile browser arena. Give it a try and enhance your mobile browsing experience today!

App specs

Software NameOpera GX Browser for iPhone
Operating SystemiOS
Last UpdateAugust 1, 2023
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