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Gaming and Browsing Perfected in One App

Are you a hardcore mobile gamer or just someone who enjoys the occasional game session on your Android device? 

Opera GX for Android, a browser designed for gamers, might be the perfect fit for you. With features like GX Control, Battery Saver, and a free integrated VPN, this browser aims to elevate your gaming and browsing experience. Let’s dive in and find out what Opera GX for Android has in store.

An Interface Fit for Gamers

Opera GX for Android has a slick, dark-themed interface with customizable, vibrant accents reminiscent of popular gaming aesthetics. 

The interface is easy on the eyes and user-friendly, making navigation a breeze. The GX Corner is a handy addition informing you about the latest gaming news, releases, and deals.

Smooth Sailing with GX Control

The unique GX Control panel in Opera GX for Android enables you to manage your device’s resources, such as CPU and RAM usage, while browsing or gaming.

This performance optimization feature ensures a fast, responsive, and lag-free experience even when running multiple tabs or playing demanding games.

Blocking Ads and Saving Battery

Nobody likes being interrupted by ads or running out of battery while gaming or browsing. Opera GX for Android has you covered with a built-in ad-blocker and tracker protection that declutter your browsing experience.

The Battery Saver mode extends your gaming sessions by reducing background activity, optimizing video playback, and adjusting CPU usage.

Browse Freely with the Integrated VPN

Privacy enthusiasts will appreciate the free, unlimited VPN in Opera GX for Android. This built-in feature enhances your online security and allows you to access geo-restricted content without additional subscriptions. Activating the VPN is quick and hassle-free, making it a valuable addition to the browser.

Razer Chroma Compatibility

For Razer fans, Opera GX for Android supports Razer Chroma integration, allowing you to sync the browser’s color schemes with your other Chroma-enabled devices. While this feature may not be a deciding factor for some, it’s a fabulous addition for users who love customizing their gadgets.


Opera GX for Android is a gaming-centric browser that delivers on its promises. With performance optimizations, battery-saving features, and a free built-in VPN, it’s a formidable contender in the mobile browser market. If you’re looking for a browser that can handle your gaming and browsing needs without breaking a sweat, Opera GX for Android is worth a shot.


  • Gaming-centric interface and features
  • GX Control for resource management
  • Built-in ad-blocker and tracker protection
  • Battery Saver mode for extended usage
  • Free, unlimited VPN
  • Razer Chroma integration


  • Razer Chroma integration is not useful for all users

App specs

Software NameOpera GX for Android
Operating SystemAndroid
Last UpdateMay 23, 2023
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