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Bridging the Gap for a Seamless Browsing Experience

Are you looking for an alternative browser to Safari on your iPhone? Microsoft Edge has arrived on iOS with a sleek design and exclusive features tailored to iPhone users. In this review, we’ll explore the unique aspects of Edge on the iPhone and see if it’s worth making the switch.

Design and Interface

Microsoft Edge’s clean and modern design differentiates it from other browsers. The Edge features a visually appealing layout with intuitive navigation for a seamless browsing experience.

The bottom navigation bar provides easy access to essential features like bookmarks, history, and settings, while the top search bar efficiently combines URL input and search functions.

Exclusive Features for iPhone

The iPhone version of Microsoft Edge boasts some unique features that elevate the browsing experience. The “Voice Search” function allows users to search the web using their voice, a perfect solution for when you’re on the go or can’t type. 

Edge also supports customizable “Swipe Actions,” enabling users to swipe left or right on the bottom navigation bar to access their preferred functions quickly.

Integration with Siri Shortcuts

Edge on the iPhone takes advantage of Siri Shortcuts, allowing users to create custom voice commands for various browser actions. This integration makes accessing your favorite websites or performing routine tasks with just your voice even more convenient.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are paramount in Microsoft Edge for iPhone. The built-in “Tracking Prevention” feature blocks trackers, safeguarding your browsing data. “InPrivate” mode offers incognito browsing, ensuring your search history remains private.

Additionally, Edge’s password manager securely stores and auto-fills login credentials, providing an extra layer of security.


Edge on iPhone delivers a smooth and reliable browsing experience, loading pages quickly and handling multiple tabs without hiccups. While Safari still has the Edge (pun intended) in terms of speed, Microsoft Edge offers a competitive alternative that won’t frustrate you.


Microsoft Edge on iPhone presents a polished and well-rounded browsing experience with its sleek design, exclusive features, and focus on privacy and security.

Integrating Siri Shortcuts and Voice Search makes it a compelling option for iPhone users seeking a change from Safari. If you’re looking for a new browsing companion on your iPhone, Microsoft Edge might just be the answer.

App specs

Software NameMicrosoft Edge for iPhone
DeveloperMicrosoft Corporation
Operating SystemiOS
Last UpdateDecember 19, 2023
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